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Isn't it Ram-antic?

Lead by Virginia and Joshua Townsend

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This date will have you hoping to kiss the cook! Get cooking in the kitchen with your love, and create something new and unique. Professional chefs - and married couple, Virginia and Joshua will host you in their very own kitchen as you learn to create a matcha coconut ramen dish! 

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About Virginia and Joshua Townsend

Introducing Virginia & Joshua Townsend! 

Joshua and Virginia met while they were attending Johnson & Wales University, where Joshua was getting a Culinary Arts degree and Virginia was getting a degree in Baking & Pastry. Needless to say they were a match made in the kitchen, because they both have so much passion for cooking and creating. Together, they bring over ten years’ experience within the culinary field to the table and can’t wait to be welcomed into your home for an amazing experience. 

Off the Pepper is their catering company based out of Miami, Florida where Virginia and Joshua provide an excellent culinary experience for each one of their customers. They are equally passionate about food and entertaining and are always inspired by family traditions and the idea of bringing people together through food, whether within the scope of an intimate wedding reception, anniversary celebration or a private-in-home dining experience. Off the Pepper is their way of translating a passion for their Caribbean roots and love of Asian flavors. They love what they do and look to create a spectacular event small or large, casual or elegant you and your guest will remember. Follow along on their journey on Instagram @offthepepper or at offthepepper.com. 

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