Build a Ceramic Hanging Planter by Yourself!

Just lay out a towel on your kitchen table or the floor, crack open that bag of clay, and we’ll start making some pottery!


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What You'll Get

  • Video Instruction as you build your own ceramic creation.
  • A downloadable date guide PDF.
  • Custom conversation starters.

What You'll Do

  • Shape your clay. 
  • Allow it to dry In the oven.
  • Add a plant or candle and hang!

What You'll Need

  • Air clay (see date prep)
  • A flat surface to work
  • A small plant or candle for hanging.

Online experience
hosted by Taylor Dickerson

  • Taylor is a professional potter/ceramicist based out of Oklahoma City specializing in tableware, home decor, and lighting. 
  •  Taylor left the printing company he co-owned, bought a potter’s wheel, rented a space (essentially a storage unit), and sat down at a that potter’s wheel for 8 hours a day until he was good enough to start selling what was being made! 
  • Now, sharing that passion and seeing the joy of when others make things with their hands is one of the most rewarding things he couldn’t have expected! 

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