Fun-Feel-Good Partner Yoga

Let Kim lead you through a relaxing, teamwork based yoga class that will focus on partner stretching and working together. No experience required!


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What You'll Get

  • 45 minute private yoga instruction designed for you and your partner
  • Printable PDF to go along with your exercises
  • Custom conversation starters

What You'll Do

  • Work together to try new poses
  • Build communication skills together
  • Cheer each other on as you go

What You'll Need

  • Water bottle
  • Open space
  • Comfortable clothes

Online experience
hosted by Kimberly Powerly

  • Trauma-informed instructor, performer, educator from the Bay Area of California. 
  • Currently located in Canada, and have been teaching yoga since 2016. 
  • Kim has an extensive background in dance, gymnastics, and the arts. She loves to share her passion for physical healing with others.

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