Take Time to Grow

Together you and your partner will dig deep and create new memories while growing your love one date at a time.


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What You'll Get

  • A personalized potting and planting experience.
  • A downloadable PDF date guide.
  • Custom conversation starters.

What You'll Do

  • Let your relationship take root by choosing your plant.
  • Learn proper potting techniques. 
  • Learn how to care for and propagate your plants.

What You'll Need

  • Two pots (see date prep for sizing)
  • Cacti or succulents of your choosing.
  • Soil and plant toppings.

Online experience
hosted by Kelsey Godbee

  • In 2020, Kelsey opened a brick and mortar shop that paired her passion for plants and dedication to the crafting community: The Honey House Shop. 
  • Exclusively carrying locally made and sourced goods, the shop was a place to support local Makers--all centered around the concept that “Shopping local is an investment in the future of your community.” 
  • Kelsey is slowly transforming "plant killers" into "green thumbs" one arrangement at a time!

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